Maples Children Centre

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Staff at Maples Children's Centre

The Centre has a dedicated, well trained and very experienced staff team.

Headteacher: Linzi Leigh

Deputy Headteacher: Lynette James

Office staff: Marie Goodrick, Romaine Etchike

Children's Centre Services co-ordinator: Michelle Smith


Staff working with the two year olds

Yasmin Faroun

Faiza Cige

Natasha Arnold

Sarina Seleiman

Somaya Omar


Staff working in the nursery class

Conor Doyle - class teacher

Kathryn Pitt

Maggie Jesue

Omabolaji Bolaji

Parvin Danialian


Extended day and Children's Centre staff

Barbara Manufor

Lesley Davis

Marcella Hitaj

Meymuna Osman

Nina Rana