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Jeremy Warrillow - Chair

I have lived in Acton for the last 11 years starting off in Shakespeare Rd before moving to Hereford road as my family grew. We love Acton and cherish the community spirit which has supported us over the last decade.  Our whole family has made some life long friends from people we met when we first started at Maples.

Sam, my youngest left Maples this summer, bringing an end to 10 years as a Maples parent. In lieu of having another child to send to Maples (something which my wife has outlawed!) I am delighted to be able to continue my connection with Maples as Chair of Governors.

Maples is a wonderful, exciting place for children to take those first steps away from home. The child centred approach to learning allows the children to develop at a more natural pace while learning about the fascinating world around them. Starting school and nursery are one of the most anxious times in most parents and children’s lives and the staff at Maples make that transition as easy and natural as it can be.  Many of the staff, who greeted my daughter 10 years ago when she first started, are still there, a testament to the love and care shown by all who are part of the Maples family.

The Maples building and its beautiful, wild garden provide the background for adventure and exploration, with the support and encouragement from Linzi and her team.

My main role as Chair of Governors is to support Linzi as best I can. To be a conduit and sounding board for the governors, and to help deal with the odd curve ball as well as bringing to the table my professional experience.

Having spent a career in the catering trade, I now work in a business development role at the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall.

I hope you will enjoy Maples as much as my family and I have, both as a parent and in a professional capacity. I am at Maples regularly and always at the Gardening days…another passion of mine!