Maples Children Centre

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Nursery Fees

Two year old provision

Childcare costs £140 for two and half days (15 hours).

If available, we can offer reduced/extended hours – please contact the nursery or call in to discuss your requirements.

Minimum hours available are four hours per day over two consecutive days.

Nursery class

All children are eligible for 15 hours of childcare which is offered;

Monday – Friday 9.00 – 12.00

Monday – Friday 12.45 – 3.45pm

Monday & Tuesday 9.00 – 4.30pm

Thursday & Friday 9.00 – 4.30pm

Some children are eligible for 30 free hours of childcare and places are offered subject to availability. Please note we are usually able to offer three days from 8.00 – 6.00pm or five days per week from 9.00 – 3.45pm,this option incurs an additional cost of £8.00 per day for lunch time provision, as the offer is for 33hours 45 minutes per week.

If you would like you child to attend for additional hours the cost is;

Breakfast £5
Lunch time £8.00
After school £16
Additional morning/afternoon session, including lunchtime £38
Breakfast + additional morning session £40
Additional afternoon session + after school £52
Additional day 9.00 – 3.45pm £60
Additional day 8.00 - 6.00pm £75