SEND information and resources to use at Home

Dear Parents and Carers

We would like to introduce the following resources to use at home and support your children with interaction and communication difficulties:

- Early Makaton Signs  Click here.. to open.

- Hand Wash  Click here.. to open.

- Now and Next Click here.. to open.

- Visual Activity Cards  Click here.. to open.

- Suggested home visual timetable Click here.. to open.

-Suggested home timetable Click here .. to open.

You could use the suggested visual timetables to support children with their routine and environment. Anxiety and difficult behaviour can quickly arise if the children do not know what is happening. Therefore, encourage them to take an active role in removing tasks/ visual cards when they are completed throughout the day. Some children will need further breakdown such as a “now and next” card instead of a whole day visual timetable.

In order to support children to initiate conversation or communicate simple requests in a way that they ordinarily wouldn't be able to, you could use the visual cards/pictures and early Makaton signs.