Tips and advice for parents and carers

This section could be referred to as our FAQ section. Frequently asked questions about helping your child to grow and develop.

"When and how should I help my child with toilet training?" 

Staff will work closely with families to support children with toilet training. If you feel that your child is ready to start toilet/potty training, please speak to your child's key person so you can agree on the best way to support your child.

We would also suggest that you have a look at ERIC - a website full of information and advice about children's bowel and bladder issues. 

ERIC Potty training


The BBC Tiny Happy People initiative aims to reduce the "word gap" by supporting parents to help develop their little ones vocabulary in the home learning environment.

Based on extensive academic and audience research, Tiny Happy People has a simple message at it's heart - "Talk to your baby as much as possible from birth - we can show you how and why."

BBC Tiny Happy People