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Dear Parents/Carers,

Lateral Flow testing for staff


Up to one in three people who have Covid-19 have the virus without symptoms, so could be transmitting the virus unknowingly. Tackling the pandemic requires identifying asymptomatic, infectious individuals. By testing we will help to reduce the spread in school.

Staff will take a test twice a week and anyone who has a positive result will follow the stay at home guidance and all members of their household will self-isolate. The staff member will need to take a PCR test, which is analysed at a lab and if the result is positive we will be asked to identify all direct contacts.

As you are aware staffing levels have a direct impact on the number of children who can attend the nursery and I want you to be aware that we may need to reduce the number of children attending the setting while we wait for the PCR test results.

I appreciate the difficulty sudden closures can have but we do need to prioritise the safety of children, staff and families.

This is a new system and we may change our approach as we learn more about how it works. I hope that this will help us to reduce the risk to our community and keep us all safe over the coming months.

Could I also remind parents to maintain a 2-meter distance when waiting to drop off and collect their child(ren). We aim to keep adult contacts to a minimum and appreciate your support in managing this.


Kind regards,



Linzi Leigh

Head teacher




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Thank you for your patience at this critical time


Linzi Leigh